Knotty Ties

Knotty Tie Dinosaurs

I’m a dapper bastard. And I like dinosaurs. So, it stands to reason that my curiosity would be piqued by the awesome work by those good fellows over at Knotty Ties. Whilst it was unquestionably the exceptional dinosaur print that drew my attention to these chaps in the first place, it was the fact that they allow you to design your own ties which will keep me coming back. Given my proclivity for drawing penises on most things, it is a dangerous game to give me free reign over the design on something as supposedly sartorial as a necktie but I think I’ll be able to stem my penis drawing ways in this instance. Until I’ve got a job interview at least and I need to look my best. I love a good tie me and I’ve always thought I could do it better than those “fashion” types and this, my friends, is my chance to shine and I fully intend to grab the opportunity to become a tie designer with both hands.

Update: I’ve been slapped with a cease and desist order from every fashion house in the world and I’m no longer in the tie designing game. Nobody’s loss.


As with most items of clothing I purchase, it ends up in a tree at some point or other. Don’t ask.

I climb a lot of trees.

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