Lacoste Trainers

lacoste trainers

I think we can all agree that crocodiles (or alligators – I have difficulties in differentiating between the two) are a bunch of good lads. But also bloody evil little shits as well. Not many other animals in the animal kingdom have the sort of evil streak which would entail chilling out in some water (basically just keeping cool) pretending to be a log or some shit and biding their time until some stupid antelope or bison or something wonders into their general vincity. Safe to say, this invariably ends with the alligator going all Hannibal Lector on their ass and eating their faces and that. Minus the obligatory chianti. But this sort of bad boy behaviour has meant that alligators haven’t gone unnoticed in the fashion world and they’re cropping up all over the shop, truth be told.

It is, however, the Lacoste fashion house that the alligator fraternity are least embarrassed to be associated with and it is spiffing examples like these Lacoste Trainers from Mainline Menswear that showcase why they will be typically be seen sporting a pair when they are skulking around their watering holes waiting for the animal kingdom’s retards to wander in their direction. Needless to say, however, bouncers still don’t let them into the nightclub because they’re “trainers” – albeit immensely smart and dapper ones.

Lacoste front

Alligators lack the dexterity in their phalanges to do up shoelaces so it stands to reason that they’ve opted for the old classic “shoe-lace” tuck witnessed above.

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