Lightning Bolt T-Shirt

Lightning Tee

When I was pretending to take an interest in the Olympics last summer but, in actuality, being bored to tears by most of it (except beach volleyball and handball of course), there was one name that kept popping up in the news bulletins. A certain Usain Bolt who, given his athletic stature and world-wide acclaim, reminded me of a young me and I decided that I would follow suit with the rest of the world and idolise the jovial Jamaican. My idea of idolising said Jamaican didn’t follow the ordinary path of most people i.e. following their progress via Twitter, putting posters up, hiding in their bushes etc. No, sir, I decided that my Usain Bolt obsession would take a more sartorial route in the form of finding and owning every piece of clothing with either a] the world Bolt on it or b] an image of lightning. For this reason, then, it is probably abundantly clear why I have fallen for this Lightning Bolt T-Shirt from Oi Polloi for it fulfills both of the aforementioned criteria.

Update: So, Usain Bolt has had a restraining order slapped on me. I had my lawyer take a few pops at it but it seems pretty water-tight :(

Lightning Bolt T-Shirt

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