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I have, in my time, engaged in many a dance off but the fact that I have only one signature dance move , the Robot, and I’m painfully fat and lacking in rhythm means that, somewhat reluctantly, I must admit that my record in the arena of dance doesn’t make for impressive reading. In one dance off, for example, I suffered the ignamony of the DJ stopping the music, the lights being switched on and my being asked to leave the premises – admittedly, I had smashed a shit-tonne of glasses with my random and ill-timed flailings but, still, bit harsh, no?

Why am I banging on about dance offs is a quite legitimate question that you could ask. And the answer can be found in this rather awesome Hot and Fresh Dance Off T-Shirt from Merrimaking. I think that when my blanket ban from dancing establishments (literally anywhere you can dance) is lifted, I’ll have another bash at a dance off. I’ve learnt some pretty amazing and mesmerising new moves that are sure to wow – including, but not limited to, everyone’s favourite horsey manouevre, Gangnam Style.*

* I got banned again :(


Looks dangerous and impossible, meteorologically speaking.

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