Ostrich Pillow Light


I am a complete and utter twat. On that, I think we can agree. And for those who haven’t met me, feel free to take my word for it. I do, however, often find myself wishing it was easier to make people aware of my twattish nature because, after all, it’s a terrible toll on my liver to get drunk and act like a nobĀ allĀ the time. I need props that really stand out there and say “Hello, I’m Leo, and I’m a twat”. Well, I’ve found exactly that in the form of this brilliant, but blatantly for twats, Ostrich Pillow Light, which, rather wonderfully when compared with the full Ostrich pillow which covers the entire head, leaves space for your mouth to hang free so you can fill it with beer, food and allow twattish comments to fall from it. Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the exceptional looking Ostrich Pillow Light, in fact I love it I think, but I really do need to get the fact that I’m an unapproachable twat message out there and I need quick wins like this to do it. I think one commute with this bad boy on the train in the morning, will see me right for a good few months or so.


Wearing it as a scarf?! Good thinking lady! You look like a right twat. Inspired.

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