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photo pocket

Such are my stunning good looks, I’m basically like a walking billboard for fashion and all the leading fashion houses from Jacomo to Bill’s Big and Tall vie for space on my adonis like frame. But because I’m a pretty big deal in the world of fashion, I’m in the envious position of being able to choose whatever labels I want to wear and, safe to say, I’m loving these awesome Photo Pocket T-Shirts Ojo Supply Co. because they add an awesome photo to, what we all know is the best part of any garment, the pocket. Though I can’t be sure, I think the example above features everyone’s favourite Gallic fatty, Obelix, who if my recollection of my childhood readings of Asterix and Obelix serve me well, crushed a shit-tonne of Romans with a big boulder or some shit. The Romans were probably just trying to build a road or a nice┬ácolosseum or something. Poor chaps.

Well, as I’ve digressed yet again, I should probably pull focus back to these awesome tees by Cincinnati based designer, Mike Hauss, which are in the process of trying to garner sufficient funding via Kickstarter (my own Kickstarter project of ice for eskimos achieved the unenviable, and unheard of, minus total at the end of the project) and he certainly gets my vote with the top-notch tees for the fashion inclined. And, if he lets people pick their own photos for the pocket then that, sir, is a recipe for a win-win. I’ll have a bear drinking a Guinness on mine please, chap.

photo pocket tee

Robot?! Sold.

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