Pilot & Captain T-Shirts

Pilot & Captain New York

I’m neither a pilot nor a captain but I’m hoping this doesn’t preclude me from wearing these awesome t-shirts from, you guessed it, Pilot & Captain. These aviation themed t-shirts look great and have all sorts of lingo from some of the world’s largest airports emblazoned across the front which will make it easier to get through customs at the airport. Just rock up and asked to be checked into the cargo hold. Bish, bash, bosh – job done. So, you’ll be killing two birds with one stone – looking sartorially awesome and getting through the airport in record time. This may be a good juncture to point out that this endeavour won’t result in success for the more gullible amongst you – you’ll need to queue endlessly like everyone else and answer your “Did you pack your bag yourself, sir?” questions. And the inevitable disapproving stare when you explain “no, my mum packed it”. These fantastic t-shirts are from the brains behind the top-notch design agency The Heads of State and their flair for design certainly rings true in these offerings. You’ve certainly earned your wings, chaps.

Pilot & Captain Collage

I spotted an LOL one down the market but luckily I can spot a fake a mile off. Still bought it, mind.

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