Psychic Recovery Institute T-Shirts

psychic recovery creamI’ve long suspected that I’ve got psychic capabilities to some degree. I’ve predicted many events that it is difficult to chalk up to mere coincidence. I predicted that when I stopped exercising but carried on drinking and eating like a knob that I would get fat as fuck and lo-and-behold that’s exactly what happened. It’s not only this miraculous display of psychic ability though – I also spookily predicted that England would fail at every sporting competition that we’ve entered for the last 10 years or so and so it transpired which, quite frankly, is nothing short of eerie.

With this in mind, I think it only fair that I wear items of clothing that make it clear to those around me that I have “the gift” and know their intentions before they even do. This gift is considerably more mundane than it sounds – it typically entails me making psychic judgements on people on the tube which consist of them deciding whether to have cheesy beans on toast or a salad for dinner. Freaks them right out when I find it too difficult to hold my tongue and shout “Cheesy beans, you dickhead” at them across a packed tube. Anyway, back to the case in point – letting people know I’m psychic – I’m going to start wearing this top notch Psychic Recovery Institute T-Shirt to warn people to not be too candid with their thoughts when I’m knocking about because of my immense pyschic capabilities.

psychic recovery black

This is the one I wear when I want people to know I’m psychic but also that I’m a ninja.

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