Simple Wallet

Simple Wallet Brown

I am a simple man of simple means by which I mean I am retarded and broke. Given the levels of my┬ápaucity, I don’t really require a wallet with loads of bells and whistles and compartments. I just need one that has somewhere to put the five pound note that I carry around “for show” and the copious amounts of Subway loyalty cards that I port about to cater to my insatiable desire for carbohydrates and processed meat. As I’ve got so few possession to carry around, it is of little surprise that this fantastic Simple Wallet has captured my eye and will be the next lucky recipient of my extensive array of food stamps and emergency fiver. This brilliant little number, despite its diminutive stature, has plenty of space for all your stuff (including the bold claim of being able to hold an unlimited number of cards) and is handmade in the gold U S of A so you know you’re getting the good stuff.

Simple Wallet

It’s a good thing that the Simple Wallet is at home in bars and beaches. Because I drink a lot and wake up on a lot of beaches.


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