Skiing Beards

Skiing Beard

I’m just going to put this out there (and put it forward as fact) that these skiing beards are, almost certainly, responsible for 90-95% of all so-called Yeti (or, if you’d prefer, Lesser Spotted Mountain Man) sightings. Be this as it may, I only wish I had the testicular fortitude to grow such a bushy offering. A beard of this impressive magnitude is beyond the realms of possibility for me but, if I were a fan of skiing and keen to add fuel to the Yeti fire, I’d very much like to add a bushy beard to my costume drawer. I’m already a terrible skier (but, oddly, a highly accomplished sledder) so I can’t help but feel that such a bushy appendage would hinder any skiing endeavours still further. But it would make me feel like a big man and that. And skiing is 98% confidence.

Ski Beard

Have they harvested that hair from my canine chum, Chewbacca Dog?

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