Steve Mcqueen Barbour Jacket

Steve McQueen Barbour

Steve McQueen was a pretty good lad all things told. I was going to write about how he inexplicably managed to out-act the colossuses of the acting world, Pele and Bobby Moore, in Escape to Victory but then realised that I was being a douche and he was actually in The Great Escape and only had to pit acting wits against shitty actors like James Garner, Charles Bronson (he of Deathwish fame) and Richard Attenborough – who, in my opinion, I could have probably acted off the screen. I do, however, severely lack in motivation so I doubt I would have orchestrated a “great” escape per se – it probably would have been a much more “could do better” escape which, admittedly, may not have made the film quite as entertaining.

So, basically, what I’m saying is that me and Steve McQueen are pretty much on the same level when it comes to our acting and our general level of awesomeness. However, I am not too arrogant to admit that the big man has the slight edge on me in the coolness stakes (my mum says I’m cool though) but I think I can level the coolness playing field by investing in one of these rather dashing Steve McQueen Barbour Jackets¬†from Stuarts of London and I will wear even in the face of this devastating heat wave in the UK – such is my dedication to being cool.

* Update - Got a lot of compliments from people saying I looked hot. Later discovered it was because I was dripping with sweat and not that I am an attractive specimen.

Steve Mcqueen barbour jacket

Nice hat, McQueen. You win the hat round (I’m wearing a deerstalker FYI).

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