Tee Party T-Shirts

tee partyThe Japanese are a bonkers bunch, bless ’em. I think watching one episode of Takeshi’s Castle convinced me that they’ve got a bit of a screw loose – and I bloody love it. Japan sits pretty close to the top of the places I want to go and when my ten year ban from East Asia expires (that bloody panda hit me – self defence), I’ll be on the first plane to Tokyo. One of the main reasons I love the Japanese is their mad-cap approach to fashion design and this is something that these awesome T-Shirts from Tee Party illustrate this fact admirably. I think Japan should give up with all that brilliant technology and tiny tree shit that they are so good at and focus all their attention (and national resources) on designing t-shirts for the entire world. I would happily buy 365 of these bad-boys (one for each day of the year – I go nude on leap years) and my wardrobe would be complete. I have a particularly affinity for the shark / jellyfish number above because, let’s face it, who else but the Japanese would conceive a dual sea-based demise and print it on a t-shirt? Well, loads of people probably but I want this one.

tee party 2Hmmmm – what’s the blue one up to? Pervert.

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