Tiger T-Shirt


I am, utterly without shame, the biggest Calvin and Hobbes fan in existence (don’t test me on my C&H knowledge though – just take it as fact) and despite the fact I am a grown man (in size, not maturity) I spend the day ruing the fact that Calvin had a tiger as a best friend and I didn’t have any jungle dwellers rollin’ in my entourage. Even if Hobbes was just a mere figment of Calvin’s imagination, it’s still better because I don’t have that level of imagination either so, basic upshot is, I’m jealous of six year (potentially schizophrenic) child. My love of tigers has not dimmed despite their reluctance to be my buddy and if I happen to come across an item of clothing that has a tiger upon it, I will snap it up in a shot. Seldom do I come across ones as awesome as this Tiger T-Shirt from Always With Honour and, safe to say, I reckon I might be making Calvin jealous with this dapper little number.

Update: Calvin wasn’t jealous. He and Hobbes mugged me and requisitioned  the Tiger T-shirt. Took it to their treehouse. Which I was unable to scale due to my obesity.


Nice beard, tiger.

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