Timberland Boots

Timberland boots

Though you may not think it to look at me (I’m incredibly fat), I’m a rather avid hiker and, you name a mount, and I will have hiked it. Everest, Fuji, Kilimanjaro – all a piece of piss truth be told. I’ve conquered all these show-off hills in record time and it has always been as a result of the footwear that I choose to don. Much in the same way that they said that a clean pair of socks was the most essential bit of kit to have in Vietnam, your choice of footwear is of paramount importance to climbing a mountain and that’s why I always put plenty of thought into the hiking boots I opt for before tackling a mountain.

After a recent run in with a yeti or bear or some shit on a recent hike, I’m in the market for a new pair of boots (the yeti ate my boots – jokes on him, steel toe-caps) and I think that these rather striking Timberland Hiking Boots from Mozimo will fill the void rather nicely. And, better still, they come with an anti-yeti reflective coating* which should ensure I don’t encounter the same problem again. I’m a fair-weather hiker though so if it rains, snows, is a bit windy, any form of sleet is knocking about, if it’s too cloudy or if it’s foggy, I won’t go for a hike and, as a result, I reckon I’ll get about one day’s wear out of these awesome boots in the rest of 2013.

They don’t.

timberland sole

White soles for a hiking boot? Avoid those puddles y’all.

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