UCLA Holcomb Polo Shirt

ucla polo

Having spent a little time in LA and being a highly studious fellow, educated to exceptionally high level (BA in Sociology and Social Policy, bitches – no big deal. Literally), it’s only natural that I’m drawn to UCLA clothing as the University of California is, perhaps, where I should have carried out my degree (read: get drunk and attend the wrong exam at the end of the year – true story) because I can’t help but think that the sun-soaked streets of LA would have been a much more favourable locale to learn about the intricacies of Marxism than the kebab-strewn streets of Leeds.

Now, having done very little (none) research into the UCLA brand, I am entirely unaware of whether the University condone the affiliation but, truth be told, what’s not to like because, in my experience, UCLA clobber is pretty awesome. I’m a particular fan of this rather spiffing UCLA Holcomb Embroidered Polo Shirt from Holiday Wardrobe – not least because it should help me overcome my crippling vexiphobia which I’m very (un)realiably informed, is a fear of flags. Of which this polo shirt has many. UCLA are a brand that have the privilege of gracing my wardrobe and I dare say that this fantastic little number will be the next one that I will be adding to my collection – which I buy in lieu of having actually attended the prestigious university.

ucla label

Looks legit.

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