Uniformes Generale Motel T-Shirt Pack

Uniformes Motel

Motels are pretty great. If you’re prepared to overlook the dead bums in the pool, the lively coin-operated beds and the drugs deal going down in the adjacent room, there is no better place to relax and unwind for a few days. An institution of the travelling industry and one that has managed to survive the influx of luxury, lifeless hotels by offering something that bit different – such as games like “Guess the Origin of the Stain” (which is soon to be released by Hasbro, I believe) and giving you the opportunity to intermingle with a cast of characters the likes of which you just won’t come across on your 18-30’s holiday. Such as the truck driver with the vendetta, the teenage runaway and the gruff old man who, in actuality, has a heart of a gold despite the harsh exterior. Well, if you love motels quite as much as I do, you can celebrate your affinity with the ultimate in holiday destinations with this ridiculously awesome Uniformes Generale Motel T-Shirt Pack which not only offers you the brilliant t-shirt pictured above but also loads of other little bits and bobs which will help you showcase your love of motels to the world including a set of keys (to an indeterminate hotel i.e. just go round trying it in different doors) and a load of stickers and that.

Update: I just learnt the word “motel” means motor hotel. This has been a good personal growth day.

Uniformes Generale Motel

This motel looks infinitely nicer than any that I’ve had the pleasure / adventure of staying at. The last one I was at had a sort of Running Man check-in policy. Gave him a lovely little review on Trip Advisor.

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