Woodsies Sunglasses


I remember, back in the day, when I was a school-based rascal as opposed to the drunken rascal I am today, I used to come up with some pretty awesome ideas in my woodwork lessons – most of which were ridiculed by my peer (I had just the one – imaginary, of course) and branded, in most cases, by the teachers as entirely unsafe and utterly unfeasible. There was one idea in particular that I thought was an absolute belter and that was a pair of sunglasses crafted from everyone’s favourite forest dweller. Yeah, wood. What a wonderful idea I thought to myself as I strode cockily towards the lathe. Woke up a week later, minus ten fingers and with one shattered dream. As if to compound my misery, I discovered that someone not only had the same idea as me but also managed to make them look awesome. Mine most certainly would not have done. Nor would mine have had the multitude of brilliant features that these top-notch Woodsies Sunglasses boast. Were it not for that fateful day where I was shorn of my fingers all those years ago, I’d like to think that I’d have been capable of producing something as brilliant as these Woodsies Sunglasses but, as it transpired, I had a much more noble calling. Namely, becoming addicted to Guinness.


The box is also perfect for keeping my fingers in. Win, win.

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