Bear Shelves

Bear Shelf

OK, so, basically, I was talking to my Bear Side Table the other day and whilst he said he was happy holding my beer and that, he said that he was pining for some companionship. Well, I may be a dick but I’m not the sort that would begrudge a lovesick bear a bit of eye-candy so I’ve decided to purchase the rather ominous but undeniably brilliant Bear Shelves above. When I was living in the wilds of Alaska (long story), I often dossed around with bears and that and, safe to say, when I tried to store my possessions upon their furry frames (my possessions at the time consisting of a Garfield colouring book, crayons (obviously) and a crate of Coors) they were far from amused so I’m hoping that the inanimate version will be less of a drama queen about it.

polar bear shelf

Not that you’re likely to but don’t put any seals near the Polar bear variety of the Bear Shelves. It gets real messy, real quick.

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