Bear Side Table

Bear TableBears are bigger than us, cooler than us, cuter than us (well than you, I’m incredibly cute), stronger than us, hairier than us, more involved in fairytales than us, have cooler feet than us, can run faster than us, reet good at climbing trees and that, adept at fishing (as long as the fish in question is the most retarded of all the fish i.e. salmon), get all the best film roles (The Wild, Semi-Pro, Yogi-Bear 3D) and, last but no means least, get to shit in the woods without anyone even raising an eyebrow. I have, of course, completely forgotten where I was going with that list, something which I frequently do when I go off on one, but I think the general gist of it was that being a bear is all well and good, but you can still hold my beer, you scary, hairy bastard. Yeah, that was probably what I was trying to say. As such, I was pleased to see this quite frankly brilliant Bear Side Table knocking about because it patently says “Yeah, bears are awesome but not beyond lending a hand around the house.” Kudos, bears.


Bear Side TableCareful about leaving any picnic baskets lying around because, safe to say, a dereliction of table holding duties will surely follow soon after.

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