Charles Eames DSW Chair

Charles Eames DSW Chair

Charles Eames is a bit of a legend in design circles because he designed some mightily impressive pieces of furniture during his pomp and given that the majority of his pieces look exceptionally contemporary, it is clear that he wasn’t just an accomplished furniture designer but also a time traveller to boot. I think this is the only legitimate explanation for how he consistently produced modern, stylish pieces like this DSW Chair from Swivel UK when all the other designers knocking about at the same time i.e. the 1940s and 50s were churning out some majorly boring shit. Charles Eames smoked a pipe (possibly – I think), rode motorcycles and pissed about with the other cool cat designers of his era so he was patently a jolly good egg so its fitting that his excellent furniture remains just as popular today as it always was.

The DSW Chair was specifically designed for dining but I’ve carried out some pretty extensive field testing and, I’m pleased to confirm, that it is equally as adept for drinking Guinness on the front lawn whilst yelling, increasingly belligerent, remarks at passers-by. But, truth be told, it will probably look better in your dining room.

DSW chairs

Such is the awesomeness of the Charles Eames DSW Chairs, they can’t even be overshadowed by a dickhead, show-off peanut shaped lampshade.

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