Daniel Nyari Football Print

playmakers print

Football is one of my passions in life and were I not a fat, lazy individual with the fitness levels of a 50-a-day smoker (I don’t smoke, my lack of fitness is as a result of my general inertia), I dare say that I’d be plying my trade in the Premier League right about now – well, given my age, I’d probably be on the verge of retirement (although, truth be told, I’m the sort of individual that is likely to suffer a career-ending injury on my debut due to my embarrassing lack of mobility).

When I was young and still (relatively) fit, I’d like to think I fulfilled the “Playmaker” role in my football team (albeit predominantly I playmade for the opposition with my excellent array of errant passes) so my attention has naturally been drawn to this fantastic Playmaker Print from Daniel Nyari which depicts 25 of the best football players to have ever worn the number 10 shirt (a shirt typically reserved for a team’s most gifted player AKA nobhead show-off). I’m a little offended that I haven’t made it onto the list but I typically wore the number 14 shirt – which I have since learned is reserved for the most handsome and suave players. *

* You can see an example of a typical number 14 – HERE.

playmaker print frame

Whether you want to waste money on a frame when I’m not even on the list is up to you.

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