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Danny Haas

The plantets of Naboo, Tatooine and Alderaan looked a little sparsely populated, truth be told, so it probably comes as no great surprise that the Storm Troopers that knocked about on these rocky outposts became bored and sexually frustrated. When a panda (some might say randomly and / or utterly inexplicably) wound up on some of these planets, the Storm Troopers inevitably became romantically involved with these notoriously shy, furry lotharios and, as luck would have it, Danny Haas was there to document the freaks, but undeniably cute, of nature with these awesome prints available from FIREBOX. I’m pretty sure that if the female pandas on earth saw one of these hybrids knocking about, they would be on him like flies on shit because they’ve definitely grown disgruntled with the lazy, fat earth pandas. And the Storm-Troopandaâ„¢ looks like a total bad-ass.

danny haas print

Wait…is Clark Kent Superman? That answers a LOT of my unanswered questions about the Superman series.

Both prints available at FIREBOX.

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