Eero Aarnio Ball Chair

Eero Aarnio Ball Chair

I know my shit when it comes to interior design and it seems obvious to someone of my immense spatial awareness and design flair that a big chair in the shape of a ball will look utterly fantastic in my cramped little flat. I plan to feng-shui the shit out of my flat though and, for anyone who knows what’s what about interior design, the best way to make a room look more spacious is to put a huge bit of statement furniture in there – enter this, frankly awesome, Eero Aarnio Ball Chair from Swivel UK. I plan to lob it in the square foot of space that I’ve got between my, unnecessarily large, sofa and my 42inch television. I think that’ll work a treat and, let’s be honest, I’m blatantly going to be coming up with some pretty nefarious (read: drunken) plans in this bad guy looking chair so it will make all its space-hogging more than worthwhile.

Update: Got it stuck in the door frame. Landlord was piiiiiiiiisssssseeeeed. My argument that it is one of the most iconic pieces of designer furniture from the 20th Century didn’t fly unfortunately.

Eero Aarnio Ball Chair Back

My Ball Chair turned his back on me when I tried to decorate him with some less than impressive accessories.

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