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Fight Club Print

I love Fight Club. It is, unquestionably, amongst my Top 3 favourite films but if someone was stupid enough to ask me whether I liked Fight Club, I’d have to punch them in the face for breaking the first two rules of Fight Club. Great banter, that. In all seriousness, though, it is definitely one of the finest films of our generation (in my opinion, and that’s all that matters) and I love these brilliant Fight Club Prints from Society 6. I tried setting up my own fight club last year but had to shut it down because I’m such a fine physical specimen and everyone was too scared to take me on. I think a good mantra to live your life by is ‘What Would Tyler Durden Do?’ whenever you come across a junction or conundrum in your life and you’re not sure what the best path to follow is. Obviously what he would do is blow shit up. Ergo, if your¬†quandary¬†is Sugar Puffs or Cheerios, then blow up your kitchen.

Fight Club

Fight Club Print

I don’t remember Tyler Durden having such a pronounced, gorilla-esque underbite.

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