Graffiti Sofa

Graffiti Sofa

Though I immensely enjoy defacing bits of paper left around the office with graphic depictions of penises, I have never dabbled in full-blown graffiti but, courtesy of Banksy et al, it is a medium that I greatly enjoy. Given my complete lack of capability with a spray paint can and the fact that I’d quite like to get back some of the deposit paid on the flat I’m renting, it is unlikely that I am going to get the opportunity to try my hand at graffiti any time soon but as a man who wears his likes on his sleeve (customised Facebook T-shirt, no big deal), I’m after something that will let people know what I’m a big fan of graffiti (short of expressing this fact verbally to them, you understand).

I believe that I’ve found the perfect item for the job in the form of this rather eye-catching Graffiti Sofa by Tilt which will either compliment my other interior design endeavours superbly or, get my flat condemned as some sort of drugs den or for crimes against decoration. Though I’m yet to perfect my own graffiti tag, I dare say sitting on this comfy looking Graffiti Sofa for hours on end (where I may or may not be watching endless re-runs of Dukes of Hazard and Night Rider) should definitely supply me with some inspiration on the tagging front. We both know my tag is going to be a spray-painted penis, don’t we?

Graffiti Sofa Front

This sofa mirrors my unconventional body-shape superbly.

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