Hans Solo Carbonite Light Switch

hans solo

Jabba the Hutt was a bit of a vindictive bastard in all honesty – he definitely wasn’t one of those “jolly” fatties like me – he was more your “throw them in the pit with that big shit-off monster” fatty. He blates wasn’t eating enough carbs like me. Carbs make everything better.

Anyhow, I digress – enough with my free, and spot on, medical advice regarding complex carbohydrates, let’s get back to the case in point of Jabba being a bit of a douchebag. Well, as we all know, Jabba put Han Solo in carbonite to teach him sort sort of lesson ant that but it’s a lesser known fact that Jabba was a purebred capitalist and saw an opportunity to make a quick buck by knocking up a shit-tonne of these awesome Hans Solo Carbonite Light Switches – and, yes, that is a light saber in his pocket. *

* It’s not – there’s no way Yoda would let him loose with one of those. Too much of a pisshead.

solo side

Put it away, Solo.

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