Manoteca Desk

Manoteca Desk

Rumination is my thing. However, I find it entirely too difficult to ruminate if my environment is not conducive to it. This is why I find it so difficult to postulate whilst I’m watching Total Wipeout on full volume, whilst listening to Meatloaf and downing concurrent Guinness (of which I assume the plural is Guinni) – which is how I spend the majority of my evenings. I’ve decided that I need to up my rumination game by adding a touch of panache to my workspace (which hitherto has been my sofa) and I think I’ve found the perfect candidate for the job with this phenomenally stylish and pretty dapper Manoteca Desk. I obviously have the attention span of a child, which invariably means I’ll get distracted from writing a post on here by a squirrel outside the window or some shit like that, but this awesome desk has plenty of places for me to keep my colouring pens and that so when I feel my attention span waning, I’ll be able to bash out a quick colouring-in session and refocus myself.

Update: I became entangled within the desk during a particularly enthusiastic colouring in session. The firemen called to disengage me from the desk were far from sympathetic and, quite frankly, rather rude.

Update 2: I’m stuck again.


Lamp works.

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