Miffy Lamp

Miffy Lamp

I like to be utterly terrified and/or creeped out when I turn a lamp on and, it goes without saying, that this brilliant Miffy Lamp scores highly in both these areas. I don’t know about you but on the list of things I want to see first in the morning, a rabbit staring menacingly at me from upon a cloud doesn’t rank too highly. Things that I would much rather see first thing in the morning include:

  • Cheese on Toast
  • Leftover Pizza
  • Guinness
  • Chewbacca Dog
  • Badger on a Cloud Staring Menacingly at me

Given the fact that I’m a horrible bastard (and the fact that I’ve deemed it to scary to wake up to each morning), I’ve decided to set this bad boy up outside my rabbit hutch, to make him think he’s died whenever he gets up in the morning. Poor Sir Thumpsalot.

Miffy Lampster

AM working, Miffy! Stop staring at me.

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