Mike Mitchell Movie Prints

Mike Mitchell Gangs

Despite my complete lack of artistic skill and unreasonable jealously of those who are proficient with a pencil, I undoubtedly have a begrudging respect for someone who is capable of capturing the bushiness of Bill the Butcher’s tache in Gangs of New York (and also to Daniel Day Lewis for having the skill to grow such a magnificent facial slug) and that, sir, is why I have fallen hook, line and sinker for these bloody brilliant Movie Prints from Mike Mitchell. That was a pretty long sentence. Back to grammar school for me. It goes without saying that I am utterly inept at many things in life but drawing is right up there with the best of my inefficiencies (despite my unprecedented and resoundingly successful “C” in GCSE art). I do, however, love films so I’m willing to forgo my petty insecurities and let these brilliant Mike Mitchell Prints into my flat.

Update: I burnt them with my Kokeshi Matches in a fit of rage about my crappy drawing skills.

 Mike Mitchell Django

Mike Mitchell Drive

This bad-ass survived the fire.

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