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Mad Men

It’s getting a little bit embarrassing now how many times I get mistaken for Mr Dapper himself, Don Draper. It’s obviously not difficult to see why I am so often mistaken for Don given the fact I am a devilishly attractive bastard, work as a copywriter, love a good drink and have people hanging on my every word. I obviously can’t put up with people shouting things like “Oi, Don, I loved your work on the Kodak carousel, you brilliant bastard!” indefinitely and action needs to be taken. It’s getting a bit awkward when I have to explain to my street admirers that I work as a search engine optimisation copywriter (which, alas, doesn’t have even a modicum of the respect associated with the ad men of the 60’s – in fact, most people hate us) and that Don Draper is, in fact, a fictional character (a fact with which I too have battled). I didn’t just happen to be mistaken for Don Draper so regularly by chance, I made steps to facilitate it – the most successful of which was following the steps which I found upon these utterly awesome Movie Hipsters Kits by Alizee Lafon. To be brutally honest, I needn’t have worried about people mistaking me for Draper when I started using the props from my Hipster Kit because I choked mercilessly upon the Lucky Stripes, threw up after a single sip of the whiskey, had to have someone explain to me that the mechanical looking thing was a typewriter and don’t even get me started when I tried to smoke the pipe. Hint: I passed out.

pulp fiction

big lebowski

James Bond

Bloody pipe again. Damn it.

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