Neon Art by Daniel Bruce

Neon Art

As a perennial bar-fly, I’ve developed quite a large love of neon lighting and, were the choice mine alone, then all lighting (yes, in the whole world) would be of the neon variety. Imagine my delight, then, when I happened across this fantastic selection of Neon Art from Daniel Bruce which, truth be told, is possibly the best thing I’ve ever seen (that contains neon and hangs from a wall). Safe to say, every single square inch of available wall space in my flat has now been filled with one of these brilliant Neon Art lights and (the constant, debilitating migraines aside) I’m pretty pleased with the interior design results. An annoying consequence of having neon spattered throughout my flat is that gurning, stoned ravers tend now to gravitate towards it like a moth to a flame. Hose sorts that shit out though.

Neon Art Pig

Nice wings, porky.

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