OfficePOD Day

When writing the posts on this site I often think a fortress of solitude would be conducive to getting more done and, in my mind’s eye, said fortress looked like the awesome OfficePOD above. Whilst this is a nice idea in theory, if I were to invest in an OfficePOD, I can absolutely guarantee that I would spend more time sleeping in there than doing anything creative. It looks incredibly cosy and the notion of hibernation is one that has appealed for some time now so, instead of desks, chairs and MacBooks, I think I’d favour filling it with hay and bedding down for the winter. And, maybe, I’d think about doing some writing and that when summer rolls around. With a life-expectancy of 25 years, these shouldn’t be something you purchase on a whim because, chances are, you’ll end up living in it when your “awesome” invention / Dragon’s Den pitch goes horribly awry.

OfficePOD Night

Make sure you keep a beady-eye out for people who mistake your OfficePOD for a public toilet. Although, it could be a profitable little sideline if you charge £1 a pop.

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