Orange22 Floating Desk

Floating Desk

I’ve always had a love of floating things – boats, clouds, floaters, Slimer from Ghostbusters – you name anything that floats and I can guarantee you that I’ll love it. But, conversely, things that sink can piss right off. A recent addition to my list of floating things that I love can be witnessed with the cracking Floating Desk from Orange 22 above which not only floats but also looks awesome which, in my book, is a double-whammy (you can buy my book What to Call Two Good Things About Something in Particular from all good bookshops).I love stuff that doesn’t make a mess of my flat and, most crucially, doesn’t have any legs for me to stub my toes on whilst tired, drunk, sleepy, running around, being generally unobservant of my surroundings and that – which is why this desk is the perfect choice for me. It is an incredibly stylish looking bit of furniture and I’m a little concerned that, as I don’t have any Eames style chairs or nice things in general, it will look a little out of place in my flat but my love of things that float will certainly qualm any of these concerns.

Update: My lack of DIY capabilities failed me once again and I couldn’t put up my Floating Desk meaning it currently resides on the floor. Which, of course, means I hate it because it has, for all intents and purposes, sank (see earlier for my hatred of sinkers).

Floating Desk Close Up

My week old coffee mugs, copy of The Da Vinci Code and crate of Guinness are, it’s fair to say, not quite the stylish accoutrements that the above Floating Table has been treated to.

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