You & Me Ping Pong Table


I like to drink a lot. This love of booze often leads me buying entirely impractical things that, whilst drunk, seem nothing short of essential but, when I wake up on my living room floor the next morning, look slightly more “ill-advised” than remembered. The chief complaint that most people have about my drunk purchases are their inherent lack of practicality i.e. what are you possibly going to do with that life-sized inflatable rhino? Therefore, I’ve decided to buck this trend by only buying multi-functional items whilst inebriated from now on, starting with this, quite frankly awesome, You & Me Ping Pong Table which boasts the sort of multi-purpose options that even the most ardent of my drunken purchase naysayers can’t help but be impressed with.

In my eyes, the fact that you can use it to play ping pong (and my preferred version, beer pong) was impressive enough but for those who don’t value bouncing a ball into a cup in exchange for beer as highly as me, it also transforms into a dining and office table and that. Bloody show off.


I think a love of the colour red is a prerequisite for owning the table.

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