Planter Table from Emily Wettstein

Planter Table

If you fancy a bit of furniture that looks like an extra from Last of the Mohicans then this fantastic Planter Table from Emily Wettstein does exactly what it says on the tin (it doesn’t come in a tin). This cracking table (has a crack in it) will essentially give you the opportunity to have a perennial picnic by eating on the grass and that. However, by moving the picnic inside, you’ll be avoiding the usual pitfalls of picnics such as crafty squirrels stealing your cocktail sausages, stampeding cows, horrendously cold weather and Yogi bear ambling in and heckling your family with taunts like “Nice sandwiches! Who made those? A dick?” Yogi has becomeĀ belligerentĀ in his old age. Needless to say, you don’t need to grow grass in the middle of your table. You can grow what you want. Pickles (do they grow in the ground?), carrots, sunflowers, a tree, drugs, whatever.

Cat Planter Table

You know for a fact that the cat has just done a shit in there.

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