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There have been some pretty epic pieces of design over the last century or so and one needs look no further than the likes of Cherry Chomper and Bear Shelves to see that our creative juices are still flowing just as rampantly as they were when the likes of Charles Eames et al were in their pomp. Well, this amazing Print by 67 Inc may not celebrate the aforementioned pieces of design (their loss) but it does have some of the most seminal designs of the last, I want to say 100 years, but my knowledge of both design and history is sketchy at best so there are potentially pieces therein that are older than this. Pretty sure Fred Flintstone had a calculator, for example. Some may be aware of it (because I reference it quite often) that I am, despite having now entered my third decade on this planet, still utterly incapable of reciting the alphabet so this top-notch print will definitely help me on this front. Although whether I actually want to overcome this affliction is another matter. I assume that people find it endearing that I still don’t know the alphabet well enough to state it in full.

Update: They don’t. An impromptu survey carried out at Old Street station has come to the general consensus that, no, no, people think I’m retarded.

67 inc print

Less than 5 films with a moustachioed protagonist. I am uncomfortable with this.

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