Raul De La Cerda Storage Unit

Raul De La Cerda Storage

I don’t know what your tact is when it comes to interior design but if you’re anything like me (which for your sake, I hope you’re not), you’re going to need a lot of storage space for all your shit. I’ve got a lot of shit but very little storage in a classic catch 22 situation (pretty sure that Joseph Heller would be delighted to see me use the name of his famous novel to describe my upsetting lack of space for my Garfield annuals and Micro Machines). Anyway, so what I’m basically saying is that whenever I see a storage unit that is both a] awesome and b] has a shit-tonne of storage space, I will invariably sit up and take notice. Luckily, the stunning Raul De La Cerda Storage Unit above admirably fulfils both of these criteria and, as an additional bonus, has room for my house-plant. By house plant, I mean dead cactus. But I’ve come pretty attached to that little Caryophyllales and  thoroughly reject any attempts to throw away said cactus despite his prickly exterior. Heart of gold.

De La Cerda Storage

Cerda Storage

The Raul De La Cerda Storage Unit is inseparable from the little wheely chap to the right – it’s the Robin to his Batman.

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