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Chuck Norris Replaceface

Today’s celebrities are pretty hard done by to be fair. Back in the day when it was Shakespeare chucking the equivalent of televisions (easels?) out of their hotel windows, they didn’t have the paparazzi capturing their antics like the poor unfortunate stars do today. No, sir, it was a much more civilised affair which would entail them sitting down (for about a month) to have some skilled chap capturing their image via the medium of canvas and it made it much more difficult for their misadventures to end up in the next day’s newspapers. Apart from notorious shagger Henry VIII, he always wound up splashed across the front pages even in an era with paps (and, potentially, newspapers – my history isn’t what it should be i.e. better than an 8 year old child’s grasp of history). Anyway, what I’m saying is, what if the paparazzi didn’t exist and all our celebrities were still committed to canvas instead of to rehab? Well, good sir, we’d be treated to fantastic ocular treats like the, quite frankly exceptional, Chuck Norris Replaceface Print above. If anyone deserves the canvas treatment, it is patently Norris not least because of the fact that Chuck Norris was once quoted as saying “There are few problems in this world that cannot be solved by a swift roundhouse kick to the face. In fact, there are none” *

* Citation absolutely required for this quote which I sourced from a spam-ridden Chuck Norris jokes page.

Jonah Hill Replaceface

Jonah Hill is no less deserving of the canvas treatment for his wonderful work in Superbad, Knocked Up et al. And he’s chubby like Henry VIII.

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