Robot Wallpaper

Robot Wallpaper

It’s not easy being a man-child like me. There are many hardships which I must endure on a daily basis such as finding Spongebob hilarious, eating shit constantly, finding it impossible to get out of bed in the morning, being perennially grumpy but, mercifully, I have an ID so I can still drink. Without that, my life would be a much a darker place. My biggest cross to bear, however, is my mildly strange obsession with robots and this, of course, means that my entire flat (and I mean my entire flat) is now covered from head to toe (I’ve got an anthropometrically correct flat) in this utterly and devastatingly brilliant Robot Wallpaper from Studio Ditte which has many dapper robots per roll and looks great in classic, vintage style homes – it will really bring your leather Chesterfield to life. Anyone familiar with the laws of robotics (which, I imagine, is everyone) well be aware that there are three laws:

  1. Robots shouldn’t duff us up and that and should, if awake, stop other things from battering us.
  2. Has to do whatever we ask it to even if its mental i.e. making me a marmite croissant.
  3. Robots have to look after their own shit and make sure they don’t die and that. Unless that stops them from being lazy shits and protecting us.

Well, I’ve got a 4th law to add to the list:

4. Robots must be used to decorate every property. In the world. Forever.

Yep, that should just about cover it.

Robot Paper

What came first? The robots or the fan? The fan. Bought it last week.

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