Secret Life of Superheroes Prints

Superman bird

Whilst it goes without saying that Batman, Superman, Spiderman et al do a pretty good job of giving the impression that they are bad-ass all the time, the truth of the matter paints a considerably different picture. Sure, Hollywood would have us believe that Spiderman is swinging from to building to building the whole time rescuing in damsels in distress and putting paid to the nefarious plans of Doctor Octopus, the lizard chap and that knobhead made of sand.

Well, he does do all this, of course (Hollywood wouldn’t lie), but, as with anyone with a 9-5 will testify, you need your downtime as well. So, when he isn’t carrying out there aforementioned acts of gallantry, Spiderman can sit round in his pants, eating cereal by the handful from the box and watching re-runs of Jerry Springer all day. It is this less glamourous side of superherodom that interests me (anyone can be a superhero – God knows I’d be a great one) so, I was naturally thrilled when I came across these brilliant Secret Life of Superhero Prints by Firebox. This is the sort of hard-hitting investigative journalism that David Frost could be proud of. Me, I just want a picture of Superman picking his nose or flipping the bird on the wall. I’m a man of simple pleasures.

secret life of superheroes 1

Secret Life of Superheroes

I love a good burger and nose pick. Superheroes are just like us.

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