Sheep Bookcase

 sheep bookcase

Sheep have got a lot to answer for in my life. I think it was the sight of a lamb circa 26 years ago that made me a vegetarian which led to a relatively healthy diet and a svelte, dare I say muscular, frame. Conversely, it was the taste of lamb circa four years ago that made me realise that it tastes great. End result four years down the line – I’m a fat, pasty mess. I am, however, not one to hold a grudge (I am, I’m very petty) so when I see sheepi (the plural of sheep – Google it. Don’t) then I don’t yell at them in their field “Oi, dickhead, you made me fat, you delicious bastard“. I just tend to give them cold shoulders and evil eyes and that. Conveys the message pretty well. Anyhow, I’ve decided to bury the hatchet with the sheep fraternity and my olive branch on this particular occasion is to decorate my flat with these awesome Sheep Book Shelves which, like real sheep, typically just stand around doing nothing.

Update: I tried to eat the tables. I was successful in eating them given that they’re made of cardboard. I am, however, reluctant to call a stomach full of cardboard a success.

sheep bookcases

I put one of these sheep book cases in with the brilliant Bear Shelves. Not a pretty sight when I got back. Sheep bear babies everywhere.

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