Space Alphabet Print

space alphabet

In space, no one can hear your scream. A famous saying but also one that puts a bit of a negative spin on having a jolly in space, truth be told. Particularly when there are plenty of things that you can do whilst in space. You can float around and that, you can point at your house on earth, fart indiscriminantly without fear of accusations or reprisals and, perhaps most importantly from a personal growth perspective, you can learn your A, B, C’s.

How I hear you say? Well, sir, with this visually excellent Space Alphabet Print from Fifty Five His which, somewhat awesomely, using various space-based paraphenalia (such as astronauts – though I doubt NASA would approve of the term “space paraphenalia” being used to describe astronauts) to help you get to grips with that dickhead alphabet that has been lording it over you for so long (25 years and counting for me). I think I lose interest in the alphabet around the middle somewhere and then become angry and beligerent at my inability to complete this fairly rudimentary task but I love space shit and that so I think this Space Alphabet Print could be finally be the learning aid that sees me over the finish line.

Space q

Q is also for “Quick! That fucking alien is going to eat your face and drip acid on you and that“.

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