Spacewalker Junior Lamp

Spacewalker Junior Lamp

For anyone who watched as much X-Files as me as a child, it is inevitable that a belief in aliens would surely follow and this belief turned into a knowledge of aliens when some little green chaps landed in my garden a few years back and we had a few Guinness and that whilst comparing notes on our respective planets. Turns out Pluto is full of dicks. At least according to the two University of Pluto drop-outs that (crash) landed in my garden. As I pride myself in being an excellent host (in the first hour of any gathering because after this amount of time I will no longer be sober enough to host and a dereliction of hosting duties will ensue) so I invited the two little Plutonians to stay in my house for a while. My entrepreneurial spirit soon kicked in, however, and I saw an opportunity to make a quick buck. Not proud of this but I killed the little Plutonians and turned them into these absolutely awesome Spacewalker Junior Lamps. They light my room up right nice. I try not to think about the fact that I had to dispose of the last two Plutonians in existence to facilitate being able to read in bed and that.


Yeah, so, it turns out they weren’t the last two Plutonians and reinforcements were sent to avenge their deaths. Got a lovely room full of lamps now. Turns out Plutonians are not particularly skilled in the art of war.


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