Super Mario Lamp from TRoweDesign

Mario Brothers Lamp

Those outside the plumbing fraternity may not realise it but all those U-Bend jockeys bloody hate Mario. He’s a bit of a champagne Charlie always showing off and that about how he made it big time and starred in his own series of highly successful video games, leaving the other plumbers unclogging shit from toilets. And charging me £60 an hour for the privilege. Anyway, it’s fair to say that the Plumbing Association were loving it when Mario fell on hard times and got usurped by the “charismatic” one AKA Luigi and was no longer the star he once was. Safe to say, Mario didn’t take to a life outside the limelight like a duck to water. After a couple of stints in rehab for substance abuse and an ill-fated attempt at becoming a Jerry Springer-esque talk show host, Mario was prepared to cut his losses and settle into life as being the “ON” switch for these fantastically designed and upsettingly brilliant Super Mario Lamps from TRoweDesigns. The fact they have Mario teetering over a sewer to remind him of his life in the gutter is a nice little touch.

Mario lampMario fell long and he fell hard and, unfortunately for Yoshi and the mushroom headed dick, he took down most of his supporting cast with him.

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