Symbol Audio Desk

symbol audio desk

I’ve heard of musical chairs but musical desks is a new one on me and I’ve spent some time and drawn some diagrams regarding the logistics of it and, yes, I feel that Musical Desks is a viable childhood game and has the potential to be as popular as its dickhead chair brother’s version of the game. Instead of finding the nearest chair when the music stops, you pull up a pew (so, chairs are still involved) at the nearest desk and then write a sonnet or some shit before the music starts again (I’ll obviously be creating a penis drawing version of the game which I’m in no doubt will be infinitely more popular).

OK, so, I’ve thought about it for another four or five seconds and come to the conclusion that Musical Desks is an abhorrent idea for a game and I’m vetoing it immediately. I have, however, stumbled across a more more pleasing musical desk in the form of this incredible looking Symbol Audio Desk which obviously once plied its trade on the Musical Desks circuit before it hit the big time and it has been spruced up rather nicely with plenty of spiffing features which include sliding doors which reveal two full-range, four inch drivers with titanium cones paired with down-firing five inch sub-woofers. Obviously, I have no idea what this means. Probably that there’s a dog in the draw or some shit.


Nice glasses Poindexter – what you listening to? Beethoven? Burn.

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