Tectonic Bookcase by Tembolat Gugkaev

Tetonic Bookshelf

For anyone who has ever seen me attempt any form of DIY then a] sorry about blinding you and b] the nail gun is not a toy, I know that now. My capabilities in the world of DIY are far from impressive and, as the above is testament to, my skills teeter much more towards the “dangerous” end of the spectrum and whenever I endeavour to make anything from IKEA (there are other furniture suppliers available – they just don’t sell hotdogs for 99p so they’re knobs) it always ends up as an unmitigated disaster. So, imagine my delight when I came across this exceptional Tectonic Bookcase from Tembolat Gugkaev which has the good grace to look completely skew-wiff when you’ve finished putting the thing together. If I’d know that you could make money by putting bits of furniture together that look like they’ve been through an earthquake, I’d be a very rich man because everything I try to make looks like this – including a deeply uncomfortable sofa that has, hitherto, caused seven injuries and one, unconfirmed, fatality.

tectonic bookcases

I like to rub my DIY inability in people’s faces so the fact that this awesome bookshelf lights up in the dark is an unexpected but welcome perk.

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