Thermosaurus Radiator

Themosauras Radiator

I’m pretty sure that when T-Rex were stomping around the plains of Africa 100 years ago or whenever it was, they thought to themselves “I hope, when I’m gone, that my life meant something – that I leave some sort of legacy”. Well, fear not chaps, you certainly have because you served as the inspiration for the frankly top-notch Thermosaurus Radiator above which will heat and terrify you in equal measure. Crafted from cast-iron and anatomically correct right through to the T-Rex’s tiny little stumpy arms, this fantastic instrument of heating will certainly serve as a bit of a talking point when people come to visit i.e. “What’s that?” “My T-Rex radiator – no big deal”. Just because dinosaurs didn’t have the smarts to outwit a big asteroid doesn’t mean they can’t be an important part of society and providing heat is a very worthy pursuit. Hats off to Rex.

Clothed Thermosauras Radiator

Poor chap – this guy’s mum is still clearly dressing him.

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