Translucent Seclusion Bubble

Seclusion Bubble

I’m pretty sure chilling in a bubble means you have some sort of horrendously contagious disease like lurgy or something but, as it turns out, they’re actually the latest must-have in interior design. For anyone who’s ever been jealous of their pet hamster as they razz around in their little ball, you can show them who’s boss with a ball of your own – and yours has got pillows and that in it too. That’ll wind those rodents up for sure. I’m pretty keen on adding one of the Translucent Seclusion Balls to my flat and would probably use it as a panic room when the local reprobates break in. So I can watch them stealing my stuff.

Seclusion Bubble Close Up

Not going to lie. My portly frame isn’t fitting through that hole.

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