Tutti Confetti Prints


I’ve been made many offers that I couldn’t refuse in my life. Said offers include:

  • Hello, sir, would you like a Guinness?
  • Do you want fries with that?
  • Flake with your Mr Whippy, young man?

As you can see, the majority of offers that have been made to me are not from a¬†Mafioso like Don Vito Corleone¬†but, rather, from purveyors of food stuff. And, safe to say, I have yet to turn down an offer from a McDonald’s employee, bar man or ice cream van to date. As a huge fan of the Godfather films, I know full well that these offers always come with caveats and, alas, most of the outcomes from the offers that I’ve been unable to refuse are getting steadily fatter over the last fifteen years as opposed to, say, waking up with a horse’s head in my bed.

Given my love of the Godfather series of films, it’s only natural that my attention was drawn to these outrageously awesome Movie Prints by Tutti Confetti. Brilliantly stylised and featuring famous quotes from the movie, I fully intend to hang this Don Corleone bad-boy up on my wall and, hopefully, it will serve as a timeless reminder to me that, sometimes, it is OK to refuse an offer that I am made. Just not ones from Maccy D’s, the pub or involving ice cream.

mad men

to kill a mockingbird

blade runner

Handgun Vs cigarette. Unfair choice of weaponry, Ford.

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