Typestache Poster

Typestaches Poster

Despite my profound and traumatising inability to grow a moustache to rival even the most puny of pre-pubescent teens, I certainly appreciate a well-conceived and managed hairy face slugā?¢ (pretty sure I didn’t need to trademark that). However, I’ve lived a sheltered existence so far as moustaches are concerned and there is a whole wide world of facial hair endeavours out there that I was wholly and upsettingly unaware. In retrospect, it is perhaps a good thing that I didn’t know about the multitude of hairy face slugā?¢ options out there because it would doubtless made my inability to grow even the whispiest of moustaches. So imagine my initial delight, quickly followed by a wave of remorse at my lack of facial hair, when I came across this tip-top Typestache Poster from Old Tom Foolery. Hypothetically speaking, as I can’t grow any of the moustaches above :'( – I’d definitely opt for the Salvador Dali looking mo-fo above and, when the growth hormones kick in, the bushy bastard.

Typestache Poster Gold

If you like a bit of razzle-dazzle, go for the gold version.

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